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Remember the days when you and your buddies would fly out to Vegas and get all dressed up to go out to all the big casinos to win big at poker? Fun times right? Well now you can have just as much fun and win just as much in the privacy of your own home. Sounds great right? You can go online and play poker online. You don't have to worry about the dressing up to get into the casino and you also don't have to worry about impressing the girls or anyone else you just have to focus on playing and winning. Online poker has way more advantages than real life poker.

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One of the many advantages is that there are no dealer errors. Online poker dealers are computerized so there is no possible way to have the dealer make an error.

When you are playing in real life you have the chance of being cheated by the dealer due to his cunning tricks.

With online poker there is no way that the dealer could cheat you. One other thing that is great about online poker is that the deals are super fast. You don't have to sit and wait. Overall online poker is much faster and easier.


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