Tipping Blackjack Dealers

With a huge amount of focus on online gambling and online strategies, it is very important for players to understand that some strategies--like tipping dealers--only work in bricks-and-mortar casinos and with games that have live dealers. Video poker and slots online do not require tipping.

Reasons to Tip the Dealer

Most players admit to tipping the dealer as a way to 'pay it forward' in order to be blessed with good luck on subsequent blackjack hands. This strategy is not approved by all players because some believe that tipping the dealer is an attempt to get them to cheat on behalf of the tipping player. Some high rollers tip blackjack dealers as a way to show wealth and status--or as a way to bruise the psyche of fellow players. Either way, tipping the dealer is perfectly acceptable when carried out with respect and dignity.

Methods for Tipping Dealer

It is important to mention that some casinos do not allow for dealer tipping, so patrons should look into the rules beforehand. If dealer tipping is allowed, many players choose to do so in one of three ways:

• Tip the dealer a small amount once every hour as long as there is a winning streak.
• Place bets on behalf of the dealer by placing a second stack of chips near the first; this is a very exciting way to tip for the player, the dealer, and the observers.
• Players sometimes tell dealers that they will only get a tip if they win a particular hand. The player places the tip on top of his or her bet, and if the player wins the dealer has the option to take the tip or to use the money to place the next bet.

Although there is quite a bit of speculation behind the motives for tipping, most players do it as a simple kind gesture. Tipping dealer methods are great ways for players and dealers to stay positive during rounds of blackjack.