Iron Cross Craps System

In the game of craps, the iron cross strategy is one of the best known techniques for the players. Some people might think whether this really works or not, while you may try this yourself to see if you can really earn some money applying the strategy. The first strategy of this game is to place field bets in combination with place bets, if you can do this successfully, then you are sure to win the game. Just remember that, you only have the chances of losing when a seven dice is rolled.

If you use the combination of the field bets and place bets on the game, then you will see that when the dice shows 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 your place bets remain same, while your field bets wins the even amount of money. On the other hand, if your dice shows 5, then you will lose the field bets but you will win the place bets with a 7:5 payment. Similarly, if the dices show 6 or 8, then it means that you lose your field bets but your place bets wins with a 7:6 payment. Last, but not the least to note is that, when your dices rolls to 7, it means that you will lose all of your field bets and place bets. The iron cross strategy will help you to avoid getting 7 when you roll your dices. By counting through the iron cross strategy you can be aware of the upcoming numbers and the unlucky 7 which will help you to move your money before the 7 dice hits the table.

You can easily keep counts of the past rolls and predict when a 7 dice is going to come. In this way, the iron cross strategy can help you save yourself from losing the bets with all the money you have.